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We started as a record label.

Scribe Studios, formerly Scribe Music, was founded in 2011 by Joshua Haberman and Markdavin Obenza as an independent record label to record and distribute CD recordings. Since we began, we have produced CD recordings for over 50 artists—choirs, ensembles, soloists, and instrumentalists—several of which have been reviewed in Gramophone, Early Music America, Early Music Review, and Fanfare.

Scribe Records’ catalog includes Byrd Ensemble’s recording Arvo Pärt (2013), which appeared in the French drama film L'apparition (2018), and a number of world-premiere recordings, including Small Raine (2018) by American composer Nico Muhly, commissioned and performed by the Tudor Choir.

Scribe has also produced and directed over 50 virtual choirs, including Caroline Shaw's and the swallow, which was featured on Canada's broadcast of Modern Choral Masterworks on CBC. In addition to virtual choirs, Scribe has also produced documentary-style concert videos, and musical broadcasts in collaboration with various music ensembles and artists during the pandemic, including Shaker Spirituals in Maine (2021) for the Library of Congress American Folklife Center featuring composer Kevin Siegfried and Radiance. As a freelance video editor, Markdavin has worked on iNDIEFLIX film Envisioning Many Messiahs (2021).

As professional musicians, we understand the value of producing high quality musical recordings of your music. However, we also recognize the importance of video production and branding to bring your art to life in the digital world.

Scribe Studios
Markdavin Obenza, Creative Director

Markdavin Obenza


As a producer for Scribe Studios, Markdavin has produced CD recordings for over 50 artists, several of which have been reviewed in Gramophone, Early Music America, Early Music Review, and Fanfare, and featured in films.

Markdavin has also produced and directed over 50 virtual choirs, music videos, and documentary-style concert videos which have been featured internationally, including on Canada's broadcast of Modern Choral Masterworks on CBC, the Library of Congress American Folklife Center, and for iNDIEFLIX film.

Markdavin is a choral director, recording producer, singer, and composer. He is the director and co-founder of two Seattle-based vocal groups: the internationally acclaimed Byrd Ensemble and Radiance, professional ensembles specializing in the performance of Renaissance vocal music and American choral music respectively. Markdavin is also the host of THISCHOIRNERD podcast.

Willimark Obenza, Digital Creator

Willimark Obenza



Willimark has over 20 years of professional choral experience and has performed with The Tudor Choir, Radiance, and the Byrd Ensemble.


Willimark is our video production specialist. He comes with an expert proficiency in gimbal shooting and flying drones. His musical background informs his camerawork and is always ready to capture key musical moments.  


Willimark is also an avid photographer and owner of photography studio, Willi Pixel. His love for photography was borne out of his love for the Pacific Northwest, which has culminated in a large collection of nature-themed photographs. Over the last few years, Willi has focused on portrait and concert photography.

Lauren Kastanas, Creative Media Associate

Lauren Kastanas


Lauren Kastanas is a singer, music director, and writer with experience in audio and video editing and production, and a specialization in branded storytelling.


Lauren founded contemporary women's a cappella group GIRL BAND in 2014, developed its strong brand and social media presence, produced and promoted dozens of live shows through early 2020, and co-produced the group's second album, Evergreen. She has experience editing and producing multi-track audio recordings for a cappella groups and virtual choirs, music videos for GIRL BAND as well as LA-based Premiere A Cappella, concert videos including a woodwinds ensemble at PLU, and virtual church services for St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Seattle. Most recently, Lauren filmed and produced a promotional video for St Peter's, showcasing the character and history of the parish to welcome newcomers.


Lauren currently directs Sorella, a contemporary vocal ensemble of Seattle Girls Choir, and sings with Radiance and Trinity Parish Choir.


Camille Watson


Camille Watson is a multi-talented professional with over 3 years of experience as a social media manager, virtual assistant, and graphic designer. As a professional working choral musician, she brings a unique understanding of music theory and performance to her work. Her charismatic interpersonal skills, coupled with her eye for detail and creativity, have allowed her to provide unparalleled virtual assistance to musicians. Camille graduated from Westminster Choir College in 2019 with a degree in music education. She is committed to creating contemporary marketing strategies for classical music businesses that keep classical music current, diverse, equitable, and inclusive. 

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