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Waters of Babylon (2024): Music by Jeff Junkinsmith

Byrd Ensemble, directed by Markdavin Obenza


Release Date: July 26, 2024 (Digital Only)

iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon


Markdavin Obenza, director

Jeff Junkinsmith, composer


01 Drop, Drop Slow Tears

02 Lazarus

03 Sanctus

04 Agnus Dei

05 Super flumina



Soprano: Margaret Obenza, Ruth Schauble, Christina Siemens

Alto: Sarra S. Doyle, Haley Gabler, Joshua Haberman, Lauren Kastanas, Jessica Martin

Tenor: Orrin Doyle, Sam Faustine, David Hendrix

Bass: Clayton Moser, Patrick Schneider, Robin Wyatt-Stone

Audio and Graphics produced by Markdavin Obenza for Scribe Records.

Recorded on April 29, 2024 at Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Seattle, WA




Five unaccompanied motets for choir by Jeff Junkinsmith.


"One of the most unique and distinctive compositional voices of our time, the writing of American composer Jeff Junkinsmith is inspired by the roots of the choral tradition—counterpoint. With a commitment to musical line, we are met with a sound that is liquid in texture and a harmonic language that is only his, saturated with color and filled with mystery." - Markdavin Obenza

Waters of Babylon (2024)



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